10 Ways to Spend a Fun Family Weekend Outdoors on a Budget

Written by Shayle Follows

If you’re looking for fun ways to spend time outdoors with the family this weekend on a budget we have got you covered! Here are 10 ways to spend quality time together outdoors without spending too much.

Experiences build our character and shape the people we are, whether that experience is big or small what doesn’t matter is the cost. Each of these activities works well for a family with children however lots of them work well just for adults too! They are all either completely free, at a very small cost or they rely on things you probably already have around the house.

1. Climb a hill or a mountain

Climb a Hill or a Mountain 

Great for being present and mindful. Start with viewing the world from a different perspective. Research a hill, mountain or high point that is local to you.

Choose somewhere suitable in length and difficulty for your family’s capabilities. Stop regularly to spot how the landscape changes as you get higher. You could even take a picnic to enjoy whilst taking in the surrounding scenery. Another lovely idea is to take photos for a memory box or scrapbook.

2. Go for a clean-up walk

Go for a Nature Clean Up Walk

Did you know that picking up litter and going for a ‘clean up’ can make you feel really good? Go for a walk and take gloves and a bin bag out with you.

If you have a litter picker even better! This may not be a glamorous activity for a weekend adventure, however knowing you’re doing your bit to help the planet is sure to make you feel good. What’s not to love about teaching this value to children?

3. Fly a kite

Girl Flying a Kite

On a windy day, choose a flat open space and get outside and fly a kite. Avoid any built-up areas or anywhere close to power lines overhead. Beaches, parks and fields are great choices.

Fly a kite with a friend to help get it into the air and promote teamwork with kids. You’ll be surprised at how freeing and fun this activity actually is!

4. Camp out in your garden

Camping Outside in the Garden

You don’t need to travel far to sleep under the stars! If you have a garden then that’s a perfect spot for a night of camping.

A top tip is to choose a very slightly rainy or windy night so you can listen to the relaxing sound of the rain hitting the tent or the whistling wind. Or you could pick a calm night and stargaze. This is a great way to introduce camping to kids because if they do start to feel scared, the safety of the house is only a few steps away.

5. Watch the clouds

Cloud Watching

Sometimes it feels like we’re just rushing around doing job after job. Being still and taking in nature moving above us can be really calming.

Go outside when there are blue skies and a fresh breeze and just look up. Take a picnic and make a day of it. Look at the different shapes the clouds make, or make them into characters and make stories up with kids. Take a moment to be present and enjoy nature and you will feel better for the rest of the day.

6. Try rock-pooling

Rock pooling at the Beach

You might have to travel if you live inland for this one. It is worth it though as rock-pooling can be a really fun, educational and exciting experience for children and adults.

Make sure to be safe and research the weather conditions and tide times so that you get the most from the activity. Don’t forget wellies!

Turn over rocks and you might find creatures such as shrimps, starfish, mussels, crabs, or jellyfish. Just be really careful not to touch them it’s better to admire them instead.

7. Go foraging

Go Foraging Outdoors
If you want to feel truly at one with nature then why not discover foraging? Make the most of natures abundance of offerings and children’s natural instinct to pick up things that interest them.

If you want to use your collections to eat or cook with we recommend you have a good foraging guide so that you can do this safely.

They can really enhance your experience. If you have young children or toddlers then try our woodland walk bingo to get you started. This is a great way to teach children to be respectful of forests and woodland and appreciate what we can collect from them.

8. Watch the sunrise or set

Watch the Sun Rise or Set

Start your day with an early rise and take in the sight of the sun climbing up over the horizon. You’ll feel so much calmer for the rest of the day. This can be a really exciting adventure for children too.

This helps us face those small anxieties and problems we have and makes them feel really small. Not an early bird? Then catch the sun as it sets. Savour the moment.

9. Make a nature journal

Make a Nature Journal Bird Sketch

Nature journals are a great way to encourage learning whilst being outdoors and have fun together. This is a great idea to do with all ages.

Make your own from scrap paper or buy a fancy nature journal and record the treasures you find in nature. You could leaf print in it, sketch things that interest you in nature, record species of wildlife you have spotted or write creatively in it, the list is endless.

You’ll have a beautiful record of all your walks and time spent in nature.

10. Go bird watching

Bird Watching Child

Bird watching is a lovely way to spend some time and forget the busyness of the week, it will bring calm to the weekend.

You can do this anywhere, in your garden, on the coast or in an open field. They all work great and if you mix it up you’ll spot a variety of species of birds. All you need is patience, some binoculars and a decent bird watching guide if you would like one. Take a notebook to make a note of birds you have seen, a description of ones you would like to research or just sketch them. Take some time to appreciate the peace and tranquillity of bird watching.

Getting outside in nature is guaranteed to help us grow as individuals as well as form a better understanding of the world we live in.

We love these simple, and low-cost activities to enjoy the outdoors. Will you try one this weekend? If you have any more you enjoy doing let us know in the comments below. We love to hear your ideas!

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