6 Top Tips For Visiting Legoland

Written by Shayle Follows

My child, like so many others, is absolutely besotted with lego. Legoland was an obvious choice for a special day out for him. We have put together 6 top tips if you are visiting Legoland for the first time.

Legoland Windsor is one of the UK’s best theme parks for families of all ages. If you have not visited before it can be very overwhelming. You want to enjoy as much as possible and not waste all your time waiting in queues.

Tips for Legoland

After visiting Legoland many times we have put together 6 top tips that will enhance your trip to Legoland, so you can make the most of your time in the park.

1. Measure your child before visiting

My son is 5 years old which I found was the perfect age for him to visit this theme park as he’s just sparked a real interest and love for Lego. There was so much for him to get involved with and enjoy. There are limits for children below certain heights for a number of the rides at Legoland. Children under 1 metre must be accompanied by an adult on most of the major rides, some rides will not be suitable at all until the child is 1.3 metres or taller.

Legoland Mini World

Children under 90cm in height can visit the Legoland Windsor park for free with one paying adult, which is brilliant as there are 12 rides they can go on, the mini world to enjoy, a Duplo Valley area and plenty of interactive areas and playgrounds to keep them entertained.

If you measure your child in advance you can avoid the rides they are unable to go on and avoid any disappointment on the day.

2. Get there early

Perhaps the most important of our tips for visiting Legoland is to get there early! The first time we visited Legoland Windsor we were at the park when from when it opened until closing time and we still had things we just didn’t manage to fit in. So getting there early is a must if you want to make the most of your day.

Legoland Mini World Eiffel Tower

Their turnstiles open at 9.30 am and you can enjoy the area at the beginning before the park fully opens its rides and attractions at 10 am. The first time we visited we took the time to rent a buggy and explored the Duplo Valley area while it was quiet. We would recommend getting straight to those big rides that you really want to get on that usually have long wait times, it will totally transform the rest of your day.

3. Visit for a themed event

I  read a few top tips before visiting Legoland for the first time, I found a lot of people advising you to visit at off-peak times. So obviously, I went and booked in for the Halloween Brick or Treat event! Oops…turns out it was far better than visiting afterwards at an off-peak time.

Legoland Brick Or Treat

The park had so many wonderful decorations, actors giving out treat bags, themed areas for photos, and a quirky fun and spooky atmosphere. Lots of people were dressed up too. The park is well spread out so we didn’t feel it was overly busy and the only major queue we found ourselves in was for Flight of the Sky Lion which at the time was brand new…and SO worth queuing for.

Legoland Windsor holds all sorts of different events throughout the year so check those out before just booking a quieter time.

4. Download the Legoland App

The Legoland mobile app is free and available for all iOS and Android devices, we found it a brilliant tool for navigating the park. Were more ‘just go with the flow’ types of people so I was really surprised how much we used this app.

Legoland Ride

We used the live queue times to adapt our decisions and head to rides with short wait times before circling back to rides with a longer wait time as the queues began to taper off. Legoland offers free Wifi, just maybe pack a power bank to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of battery.

5. Take or hire a pram/buggy

There are quite a few uphill climbs and lots of walking around Legoland Windsor, we were tired so little ones will really feel the walking. Even if you don’t use a buggy anymore it’s a good idea to bring your old one or you can hire them at the park.

Legoland Buggy

My Son has never really used a buggy and he absolutely loved the one we rented from the park, he even napped in it whilst we queued! The price was £10 for a single or £15 for a double when we last visited in 2021.

6. Take waterproofs or a change of clothes

Legoland Water

First of all, try to avoid the rides involving water at the start of the day. Especially if you attend during the chillier months! Think about taking waterproofs, a towel or even swimming costumes. During the Summer months, the Duplo splash area is lots of fun and a perfect place for kids to cool off.


Most of all just relax, have fun and make family memories together. It’s impossible to do everything in just one day so just be realistic, don’t overstress yourself, pick out the rides that are most important to you and try to enjoy the other magical bits of Legoland along the way. We hope you find our Legoland tips helpful! Let us know if you have any top tips for visiting Legoland in the comments.

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