At Have Fun Outdoors, our goal is to create unforgettable memories with an emphasis on adventure, exploration, personal growth, and fun!

Thomas Paylor | Founder

About us

We’re on a mission…

We live in an age where technology is rapidly evolving and advancing. Although this is a necessary part of our everyday lives, a tool for learning and a way to communicate worldwide, we can’t help but get exhausted with screen time and feel that our connection to nature in modern-day society is, well, just lacking. 

Yet, as humans, time in nature is essential; it benefits our mental and physical health, improves our confidence and self-esteem and is a way to get involved with your local community and meet new people.

Have Fun Outdoors is a platform encouraging people of all ages to get outside and explore our world. We believe that developing children’s connection with nature early will allow them to witness how fragile our planet is and inspire them to go on to protect it for future generations.

We have some work to do, join our community and learn more.