BBQ Huts and Cabins for Your Garden

Written by Shayle Follows

Ever stayed in or seen a BBQ hut on your travels? Ever thought about buying one yourself? We stayed in one recently and loved it! Here we discuss BBQ huts and cabins for your garden.

The BBQ hut as we know it originates in Lapland and in Finnish is named a Grillikota. They are usually made from Scandinavian Spruce wood and are built using the traditional Scandinavian design. From Lapland to your back garden…these BBQ huts are next level for hosting a party, dinner with friends or camping in. They can completely transform your outdoor space.

Garden BBQ Huts and cabins transform your outside space

Why should I buy a BBQ hut for my garden?

A BBQ hut is perfect for you if you love to host a social event. They are a relaxed, fun, unusual way to host a social gathering. It also means you can keep any mess in one place, and enjoy delicious food with minimal effort. The BBQ in the centre promotes conversation, is easy to use and ensures easy access to fresh food.

They provide shelter in the Winter meaning you can still get the most out of your outdoor space. They are also great in Summer and provide shade and a place to eat. A BBQ log cabin is one of the most spectacular garden buildings you could own. They look seriously impressive.

Gather the food, gather the drinks, turn the grill on and have memorable evenings together!

Where can I buy a BBQ hut/log cabin?

If you’re making such a big purchase like this you want to know you will be guaranteed the best quality and reassurance that the item will be worth the amount it costs. There are many companies offering BBQ cabins and BBQ huts online with varying prices and sizes available, so it is worth carrying out as much research as possible before finally deciding on a vendor. They are an investment so take some time to choose the right one.

Here’s a couple of suppliers to check out, they both have great reviews.

Arctic Cabins 

Arctic Cabins sell BBQ Huts for your garden in the UK

Arctic Cabins Ltd started in 2001 and is a family run business. The owner, Gareth and his Finnish wife Virpi brought the traditional Grillkota BBQ hut design over to the UK and haven’t looked back since!

The cabins feature a unique sloping-walled which was designed in 2014. After 4 years, Arctic Cabins Ltd was given the trademarked design (registered trademark number 00003141594) for the angle-walled BBQ hut design. This offers extra space within the cabin and offers a very comfortable seating position.

They are so confident in their cabins quality that they offer a no-quibble 10-year guarantee on their BBQ huts, giving you peace of mind in your investment. Every single cabin is manufactured by hand. They use traditional methods and top grade timber in the UK. With an Arctic Cabin, you’ve got it covered 365 days a year! Slow cook your meat, pour the Pimms or heat up your mulled wine in the special barbecue kettle, sit back and enjoy!

For additional peace of mind, Arctic Cabins come supplied with an 8SDB Carbon Monoxide Detector/Alarm which should not be moved from the installed position and should be tested regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The cabins also come supplied with Fire Extinguishers manufactured to BS EN3, Kitemarked & CE marked. It’s great that Arctic cabins supply this. This is something to be mindful of and check when buying from any supplier.


Garden BBQ Huts from Logspan

The six-sided Finman BBQ huts are made from Scandinavian Spruce. They come double glazed and they deliver all over the UK, so whether you’re looking for a BBQ Hut in Scotland or a BBQ Hut in the rest of the UK this is a great option.

Many of their customers cover the cost of the Finman by renting these huts out and from their feedback, it doesn’t take long to pay back. Other avenues are cookery demonstrations, Airbnb properties, team building events; you name it, the Finman can be a very suitable venue in most circumstances. Find lots of information on how to maintain your purchases correctly here.

Find more information here.

How are BBQ huts installed?

You can usually book for them to be installed by your provider or take on the task yourself! It’s completely up to you. If you fancy the challenge there are so many videos available on YouTube you can watch first to get an idea of the task you are taking on and gather some inspiration.

Will I need planning permission?

Planning and building permission is not required if the BBQ hut is located to the rear portion of your property. However, if the structure is at the middle or front area of the garden or the property where it is most likely visible, then it is considered permitted development.

If you live in ‘Designated Land’ such as an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), National Parks, conservation areas or a World Heritage Site or if your house is ‘Listed’ you will need to consult with your local planning authority.

It’s always a good idea to check with local authorities beforehand anyway to be sure.

BBQ Hut & Cabin Saftey

Don’t forget to always be aware! The grill may have sharp edges and the steel parts of the grill heat up when the fire is on. Therefore take care of your kids and yourself too.

How to use your BBQ hut correctly:

  • Firstly always rake out the grate and empty the ashtray.
  • Close any windows in your cabin and open the damper plate (air vent) beneath the grate.
  • Make sure that nothing is obstructing the vents on the cabin or floor hole under the BBQ unit. It is important to get unobstructed airflow from beneath the grill.
  • Adjust the height of the chimney so that it is at its lowest position.
  • Gather a small about of dry wooden kindling or BBQ charcoal. Next, you can create a small fire in the centre of the grill.
  • Never attempt to add more liquid or gel fuels once the fire is lit.
  • Now you can allow the fire to build and keep a flame at all times as this will heat the chimney and begin the ‘draw’ of airflow.
  • Finally, add more charcoal as required.

Let us know if you have a garden bbq hut or cabin, we’d love to hear your experiences!

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