6 of the Best Folding Portable Charcoal BBQ’s

Written by Shayle Follows

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! We have put together a list of 6 of the best folding portable charcoal BBQ’s to enjoy at the beach, a campsite, or just in the back garden.

Don’t limit yourself to only having a BBQ when you’re at home. Whether you’re at the beach, at the park or on a camping holiday take the BBQ with you. These folding portable BBQ’s are small enough so that you can carry them anywhere, yet they are easy to use and produce tasty food. Here’s 6 of the best portable charcoal BBQ’s for you to consider.

1. Valiant Folding Portable BBQ

Valiant Portable Charcoal Picnic

From a picnic in the park to an alfresco afternoon at the beach, enjoy an authentic BBQ experience wherever you are. This folding portable BBQ is a heavy-duty charcoal burner for safe and effective cooking. It is lightweight and easy to carry, with a cooking space to cater for six or more people. It is perfect for days out and for use on the go as it is compact and has a convenient fold-away design with a carrying handle. We love its stainless steel design with a robust grill that is rust free and easy to clean. It boasts a generous 320 x 230mm cooking area.

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2. Deuba Portable Charcoal BBQ

Deuba Portable BBQ Grill

With this super handy, light and compact portable BBQ you are always ready for barbecue parties in the garden, on the beach, on your travels, whilst camping or at a picnic. It is equipped with a wooden handle for easy transport. The lid opens fully and turns into a second grill for a larger cooking area. The grill is stainless steel and is easy to clean after use. After the party, just fold it up and take it home! It is equipped with a lock to transport charcoal safely inside of the grill and is especially light and easy to store away when not in use.

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3. MP Essential Portable Charcoal BBQ

MP Essential Black Portable Charcoal Barbecue

This one might be a little heavier at 5kg but will BBQ food for up to 6 people easily. It’s perfect for use when camping, caravanning, or dining al fresco during warm months. It features a detachable fan box, it is easy to clean and avoids grease dripping onto the charcoal, creating smoke and damage to the base. It has an intelligent air supply and oxygen system, which allows you to control heat easily and safely. It is easy to store and is supplied in a handy zip storage case. We love this portable BBQ as it offers up to 2 hours of grilling time.

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4. Gizzo Folding Portable BBQ Starter Set

Gizzo Grill Starter Set Portable BBQThis folding charcoal BBQ is portable and laptop-sized which makes it really easy to transport. This starter set is perfect for a first purchase portable BBQ. This starter set includes a grill, BBQ case, heatproof gloves, easy-clean foil pans 8x, eco fire starter cubes and a chimney starter grate. So it might be a little pricier than the previous options however you truly are getting value for money.

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5.  Newthinking Portable Charcoal BBQ

Newthinking Portable BBQ

The portable and lightweight folding legs on the Newthinking charcoal BBQ allow easy transport and storage. This folding charcoal BBQ is made of premium food grade 403 rust-resistant stainless steel known for rust protection and anti-deformation qualities. Its thickened stainless steel barbecue mesh panels are heat-resistant.

The BBQ grill comes with an easy-to-follow instruction for stress-free assembly without tools, just open it and put four feet down and fold the legs and it is ready to go with the handle after use. Airflow can be easily controlled and heat will be evenly distributed throughout the barbecue grill with an air ventilation design on both ends of the grill. It is suitable for 3-5 people so it’s a decent size.

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6. Notebook Folding Portable BBQ

Notebook Folding Portable BBQ

The most simple BBQ of all our choices is the Notebook folding portable charcoal BBQ. This clever little BBQ is incredibly easy to use. Simply unfold, add the wire racks and you are ready to go. The ingenious design means it will fold completely flat, making it very convenient for taking to the beach, on a camping trip or anywhere you want. Just be sure to use it on a flat, sturdy surface. It may be compact but, with a cooking area of 44cm x 27.5cm, there is plenty of room for mouthwatering food on your next adventure.

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Having so much choice can actually be daunting! Hopefully, our picks have helped you out and you’ll get the perfect folding portable BBQ for your next adventure.

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