Best Slackline Kits for Outdoor Fun, Your Guide to Slacklining

Written by Shayle Follows

Learning how to slackline isn’t actually as difficult as it looks! It’s a fantastic way to get outdoors and physically active. Here are 5 of the best slackline kits to get you started.

Slacklining is a wonderful way for people of all ages to improve their balancing skills and build strength and confidence. Where to start though? Finding a good quality slackline kit can be difficult when you’re new to slacklining. We have listed a collection of the best quality slackline kits for both adults and children as well as a simple guide to get you started with slacklining.

Best Slackline Kits

What is slacklining?

Slacklining has become increasingly popular, you have probably seen people set up in local green spaces giving this activity a go.

Slacklining is balancing on a two-inch-wide nylon webbing strip set between two fixed points with a ratchet tensioning system. Similar to tightrope walking however as the name suggests the line is ‘slack’. It’s a brilliant way to be mindful, strengthen your core and work both your mind and body at the same time. It’s a great way to be active and enjoy time outdoors as you can set up your slackline in basically any open space quickly.

Slacklining Kits

What should I consider when buying a slackline kit for the first time?

When buying your first slackline kit there are a few things that we suggest you look out for. Most importantly safety, it’s a good idea to check if the slackline kit you are considering has undergone any safety tests and if it is safe for children and beginners to use. Some of the best slackline kits include equipment such as helmets and knee guards. Make sure to check its rigidity, width (a wider slackline is recommended for beginners), and weight capacity.

Some slacklines have a bit of a rubber coating to make learning to balance on them easier, most slacklines attach easily to trees with no additional tools or rigging needed. Some come with an extra training line to hold on to from above, these are a great choice for beginners and help encourage the correct arm position.

It’s also worth considering buying a slackline that comes complete with everything you need to get started. Such as a mainline, training line, ratchets, arm trainers, tree protectors, and instruction manual.

Slacklining in the forest

Benefits of slacklining;

  • Both kids and adults love it! It helps people get outside and keep active.
  • It’s a workout for the entire body and helps to improve core strength.
  • It develops balance and improves stability muscles.
  • It improves focus and coordination.

Slacklining kits for kids

A quick and easy guide to slacklining

  1. Start by positioning your slackline fairly low to the ground so that you don’t hurt yourself if you fall off. This will also give you more confidence to keep trying if you can get on and off easily.
  2. Ratchet your slackline as tight as you possibly can. Just note that a little slack can make it easier to walk across.
  3. Eyes up! Focus forward and try not to look below at your feet.
  4. It’s a good idea to learn to balance on each foot before fully starting to walk. Balance on one leg at a time, then count 100 and switch.
  5. Lots of people find it easier to grip by going barefoot.

There are loads of activities you can do after you get to grips with a slackline. You can try different ways of balancing, walk sideways, go backwards, sit, jump, bounce. Play games, time each other and add it in as part of an obstacle course.

5 of the best Slackline kits and both adults and kids

1. Ultrasport Slackline Kit

Ultrasport Slackline kit

  • Weight capacity: 150 Kilograms
  • Weight of the slackline: 2.8 kg
  • 5 cm wide strap made of durable polyester
  • High-quality ratchet restoration to stretch

This slackline set is perfect for beginners, the complete set contains a supporting slackline, a ratchet protector, protective cover/carry bag, auxiliary rope and 2x tree protectors. The kits reinforced ropes and the ratchets with back support ensure the slackline has a long product life and fits tighter, e.g. between two trees. The included, easy to assemble ratchet protector prevents your ratchets from getting damaged. This slackline is in accordance with safety standard DIN 79400. For beginners, in particular, it offers the possibility to hold on and to practise balancing when taking the first steps on the slackline.

Ultrasport 15m Slackline Advance With Ratchet Incl. Carrying Bag, Slackline For Beginners, Children And Families, Available With Tree Protection, Slackline Set, Fitness Slackline
  • Slackline Set including ratchet protector, protective cover/carry bag and auxiliary rope – this makes the Slackline versatile for beginners, kids as well as more advanced slacklining fans

2. Trailblaze Complete Slackline Kit

Trailblaze Complete Slackline Kit

  • Main slackline: 2-inch width x 42 ft length
  • Training line: 1-inch width x 43 ft length
  • Ratchet loop for the main line: 8 ft length, fits round even wider trees!
  • Ratchet for training line: 6.6ft long and 1 inch wide
  • Tree protectors: Set of 2 each is 6-inch x 3.5ft

We love the trailblaze slackline complete kit, they provide a ‘step by step’ visual instruction guide for setup and takedown of the line. Which is so handy and makes set up so quick. They are strictly tested and can easily hold 150kgs and the ratchet mechanism can handle up to 5 tonnes. This is a great option for both adults and children.

3. Barefoot Slackline Complete Set

Barefoot Slackline Complete Set

  • Weight capacity: 150 Kilograms
  • Super-strong, rated at 3t
  • High-quality ratchet restoration to stretch
  • Material: Nylon

The Barefoot slackline is a brand new super bright kit that was designed in the Alpine playground that is Switzerland by a team of avid climbers and general thrill-seekers. This Barefoot slackline set comes with all the following items, 1x Barefoot slackline with loop, 1x ratchet and loop, 1x training line with small ratchet, 2x tree protectors, 1x drawstring travel bag, 1x “How to Slackline” booklet, 1x quick setup card. This slackline kit contains everything you need to get started and master the craft of slackline. The Barefoot slackline comes in 3 neon colours with amazing grippy patterns printed directly onto the line, the ratchets are also colour matched to your line, with an ergonomic grip on the handles. In addition to the standard line, you get two easy-to-use tree protectors to keep your trees safe from the wear of the bark that an unprotected slackline can inflict.

Barefoot Slackline Kit 60ft (18m) Complete Set Including, Ratchet, Training Line, Bark Protectors & Instructions! Designed for both Kids & Adults - (Neon Green)
  • Perfect length for adults & kids - Make your slackline short or long with the variable length line. Kids should start with 25-30ft to minimize line bounce that can be hard to control. Find a wider spot and expand as you get better and want to try new tricks.

4. Trailblaze Slackline Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course For Kids

Trailblaze Slackline Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course For Kids

We absolutely love this hanging obstacle course for kids, they are a wonderful way to have fun outdoors. This ninja slackline is strictly tested and can hold up to 150kg. This backyard ninja line hanging obstacle course comes with 4 monkey bars and 3 gymnastics rings so you can make the course as easy as you want or as difficult.

Trailblaze Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids | Ninja Slackline Obstacle Kit | Ninja Line for Kids | Trapeze Monkey Bars Set, Kids Obstacle Course Outside, Kids Ninja Warrior Training Equipment
  • READY, SET, PLAY - Setting up our new and improved ninja course for kids is child’s play! We design it to be quick and easy to set up. It’s customizable, too! Just change the order and spacing of the obstacles for varying levels of difficulty.

5. Costway Slackline Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course For Kids

Costway Slackline Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course For Kids

This obstacle course slackline kit is fully customisable and suitable for all skill levels, the obstacle course kit features adjustable strap buckles. Thanks to that, children can easily adjust the distance of obstacles to meet different training needs and create a variety of course set-ups. The slackline is crafted with premium PE material, sturdy enough to support up to 150 kg. Wear-resistant gloves protect children’s hands, which also enhance friction. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty ratchet keeps the slackline tight and enhances overall safety and stability. The kit includes a slackline, ratchet, x9 strap buckles, a carry bag, x2 gym rings, x3 hanging monkey knots, x2 climbing monkey bars, x2 tree protecting cushions and a pair of work gloves.

COSTWAY Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids, 15m Children Ninja Slackline Kit with Adjustable Buckles, Tree Protectors, Carry Bag and Work Gloves, 150 kg Capacity
  • 【Completed & Premium Obstacle Course Kit】Perfect for beginners and experienced users, the ninja obstacle course kit comes with completed accessories. It includes a slackline, a climbing monkey knots, 9 strap buckles, a tree protector cushion, a carry bag, 2 gym rings, 3 carabiners, 2 climbing monkey bars, and a pair of work gloves.

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