Best Travel Hammocks for Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Adventure

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We have selected 5 of the best travel hammocks for camping hiking and outdoor adventure. When you’re on an adventure sometimes kicking back and relaxing at the end of the day to enjoy nature is the best bit!

We have chosen travel hammocks that are lightweight, compact, comfortable enough for quick naps or longer sleep. Most of these travel hammocks come with handy storage pockets and are ideal for camping trips.

Hammpcks for camping

Hammock Safety

Hammock camping can be a fun alternative to using a tent. Stay safe by following these safety guidelines, suggested by the BSA Health and Safety team:

  • To prevent dangerous falls, hang your hammock no more than 3 feet off the ground.
  • Do not hang your hammock over water features, chasms in the ground, or above tables or sharp objects.
  • Do not participate in hammock stacking, in which multiple hammocks are stacked vertically.
  • Just like a tent, do not keep food in your hammock.

1. Unigear Camping Hammock

Unigear Camping Hammock

Made of high-tenacity 210T parachute nylon, this camping hammock provides the most comfortable experience. The maximum weight capacity is 800lbs, allowing two people to share the double hammock simultaneously. It’s durable, comfortable, and easy to clean and it comes with everything you need to set up the hammock. Only taking three steps to set up (tie the tree straps, unfold the hammock, and hang to strap loop) you’ll find it really simple to use.

  • Material: 210T parachute nylon. Carabiners: heavy-duty stainless steel. Straps: 1000D high-density polyester webbing.
  • Weight of hammock: 2.4lbs/1.1kg.
  • Dimensions: 126 x 78 inches/ 320 x 200cm. Tree Strap Length: 9.8ft / 3m.
  • What’s Included? 1 x Camping hammock with a pouch, 2 x Straps, 2 x Carabiners
    Warranty Unconditional return and replacement in 30 days.
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2. Covacure Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Covacure Travel Hammock For Camping

We love this camping hammock as it comes with a mosquito net, its lightweight, compact and can be taken anywhere. The shock cord ensures the mosquito mesh hangs way above you for a restful night of sleep in the great outdoors. When folded into its attached ‘stuff-sack’, you won’t even know it’s in your backpack! It’s small and weightless. Once unfolded, it’s a different story. It is a spacious and supremely comfortable sleeping bed. Made of extremely strong and durable rip proof parachute nylon this hammock is perfect for hiking, backpacking, long-term trekking or camping. You can also flip the hammock over and use it as a conventional hammock for a nice afternoon nap or relax.

  • Material: Parachute nylon.
  • Weight of hammock: 16.9oz/480g. Straps: 2.1oz/60g. Carabiner: 1.4oz/40g.
  • Unfolded Size: 94.5 x 47.2 inch (excluding nautical rope and carabiner length)
  • Weight Capacity: Max 440 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 8ft 91in/230cm (Long) x 2.8ft 33.5in/85cm (Wide) Straps :10ft/3m (Length) x 1.5in/3.8cm (Wide)
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3. Camping Hammock with Pop Up Net

MoKo camping hammock with net

Designed to protect you from annoying insects in harsh conditions, this travel hammock provides great durability and comfort. The pop-up net design ensures a hassle-free installation and allows you to enjoy your camping trip in minutes. Perfect for various outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and wild ventures. With shade cloth on both ends which will prevent direct sunshine or moonlight. This will give you privacy and ensure a great nights sleep. It also works well as a swing sleeping bag for your back garden or outdoor activities. The parachute hammock is made of 210T nylon material for long term use, it’s ultra-soft and comfortable against your skin. The maximum weight holding capacity is up to 440lbs. You can easily fold up it into the attached storage pouch after use and carry on your journey!

  • Material: High-quality weather-resistant 210T nylon.
  • Weight Capacity: Max 440 lbs / 200kg.
  • Dimensions: 290cm x 140cm / 114in x 55 inch.
  • What’s Included? 1 x Hammock (114″ x 55″) 2 x Strong Caribiner. 2 x 2m straps with 10 adjustable knots.
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4. Oak Creek Travel Hammock

Oak Creek Travel Hammock

Don’t worry about needing any extra parts! This travel hammock bundle comes with everything you need for any environment including a rain fly, mosquito net, tree straps, aluminium carabiners, guy lines and an easy to carry single drawstring bag. The hammock is really strong and is made of tear-resistant parachute nylon material. It comes with reinforced stitching and knotting on each end of the hammock, capable of holding 160 kilograms easily. The hammock has pouched inside to hold your items. All the hammock bundle components fit into a compact drawstring bag that measures 35 centimetres tall, 20 centimetres wide and 10 centimetres thick, all weighing less than 2 kilograms. After a practice run or two, you’ll be able to set up your site in less than 10 minutes, it is that easy.

  • Material: Parachute nylon, aluminium.
  • Weight Capacity: Max 350 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 30 cms.
  • What’s Included? Single hammock, rainfly, mosquito net, 2 tree straps, 2 12KN aluminium carabiners, 2 stakes, and 2 guy lines.
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5. Overmont Double Layer Camping Hammock

Overmont hammock for camping and hiking
These luxurious double hammocks for camping are extra-large measuring 270 x 140cm which easily fits two large adults comfortably. The weight-bearing capacity of a max of 300kg is three times the weight-bearing capacity of standard camping hammocks. It features a unique strap design, with breaking strength of 400kg is twice as strong as most competitors and much sturdier than rope. The straps are sewn together at intervals forming loops; 18 loops on each strap of 3 meters make it easier to adjust to the diameter of the tree or support that you attach the hammock to. Includes two high-tensile extra-strong carabiner clips for extra safety. Unfolds from the integrated bag in seconds it includes 2 high-tensile carabiner clips and 3 meter long tapes which make setting up both quick and easy. Easy to hang, even when setting up alone.

  • Material: 210T nylon construction all in one piece, without seams.
  • Weight Capacity: Max 400KG.
  • Dimensions: Extra-large measuring 270 x 140 cm.
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Let us know if you use a camping hammock in the comments. We would love to hear about your experiences!


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