11 of the Best Walkie Talkies for Kids | Our Top Picks

11 of the best walkie talkies for kids! Do you have an adventurous kid who loves to play hide and seek? Everything gets much more exciting when walkie talkies are involved. We have picked out our favourite children’s walkie talkies below.

Walkie talkies are great fun and allow your kids to talk to each other from all over the house, around the garden, or around a campsite when camping. There are lots of different types of walkie talkies for kids and we have picked out some of the best below. There are particular models that also have safety features and waterproof ones for the super adventurous. Others are very simple they come in a range of colours, designs and even kids favourite TV characters, these are made especially for fun!

So where to start? Don’t worry we have chosen 10 of the best walkie talkies for kids for you to choose from.

Miavogo Walkie Talkies

Miavogo Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

These walkie talkies are long-range they reach up to 3km (in open field). They are one of the best walkie talkies for kids due to their tiny size and weight. They are available in a range of styles and colours. Super easy to use and offer a push-to-talk operation and a bright backlit LCD display, making them easy to read in dark lighting conditions. With their built-in led flashlights they are great for those having a nighttime adventure!

The walkie talkies have adjustable volume levels which include up to 8 channels of crisp, uninterrupted communication. The scan feature of the channels helps to find others in your area. A great option for adventurous kids.

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Kearui Walkie Talkies

Kearui Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

We love these colourful walkie talkies. They make a perfect gift for kids aged 3-12. They are available in a variety of colours. They are one of the best walkie talkies for kids due to the range of child-friendly features. They have a cool call alert function, crisp and smooth sound quality and an adjustable volume level. They are also equipped with a key lock function.

The small and light body allows kids to use them easily, weighing just 90g per walkie talkie this makes them easy to carry. They fit comfortably in children’s hands due to their ergonomic design. An uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes this toy easy to use.

A great first walkie talkie for kids! We’ve reviewed these walkie talkies check out the article here.

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Lexibook Frozen 2 Walkie Talkies

Frozen Walkie Talkies

If your kids are Frozen fans, these are a lovely option. Suitable from 3 years old, this pair of walkie-talkies is a fun way to keep in touch with friends and fellow fans of Frozen. The transmission range is up to 2 km/1.3 miles in outdoor conditions (depending on terrain and weather conditions) Their “Morse light” function enables you to discreetly send coded messages to your friends. Controls are really easy to use and they even come with a belt clip for easy hanging and transporting your walkie talkie.

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Lexibook Marvel Spiderman Walkie Talkies

Spider Man Walkie Talkie

How fun are these Spiderman walkie talkies for Marvel fans out there? Less for outdoor adventures but great for younger children to use playing games around the house. These are a great pair of first walkie talkies to keep in touch and in style with your friends. Their handy design is specially made for those little hands. The transmission range is up to 300 feet/100m outdoors. They come with a handy belt clip and would make a great gift.

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Yococobuy Walkie Talkies

Yococobuy Kids Walkie Talkies

This amazing 7 in 1 walkie talkie is a watch, magnifier, night light, compass, and reflector! They have been through tests for their far range, normally it keeps continuous talk from 2 miles up to 3.7 Miles. Not only a great walkie talkie but also a watch with an adjustable band and LCD screen display. The extendable antenna makes the transmission distance longer and sound clearer. They are really simple to use with the push-to-talk operation, intended for kids aged 3 and up, these walkie talkies would make an amazing gift for your adventurous little one.

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Vtech Walkie Talkies

VTech Walkie Talkies

A little more pricey but totally worth it for these 6 in 1 walkie talkies with screens for hours of play and fun, recommended for children aged 4 to 10. They benefit from a walkie talkie mode, secure connection, backlit LCD display, animated message, voice transformation, and even games. In walkie talkie mode the remote communication is 200m range. Message mode allows you to send messages and emoticons on the screen and game mode has 4 games for playing alone or with multiple players. Try the voice transformation for even more fun! 4 fun effects (acute, bad, robot, and echo). The audio quality is brilliant.

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Nehope Walkie Talkies

Nehope Kids Walkie Talkies

For adventure lovers. These walkie talkies feature an impressive 8 main channels that support “one to one” and “one to more” communication, which allows more kids to talk on the same channel. A 4-mile range enables long-distance play and opens a world of possibilities within your child’s outdoor adventures.

These walkie talkie sets have a clear call alert function, crisp and smooth sound quality with the adjustable volume level. They are equipped with a high anti-interference function to reduce noise. Simple push-to-talk operation and double click to activate a beep single. The small and light body allow kids to use them easily and just they weigh 90g per walkie talkie so they are easy to carry. They will fit comfortably in children’s hands with their ergonomic design. A fantastic way to stay connected with your kids and family especially during outdoor activities.

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Nestling Walkie Talkies 3 Pack

Kids Walkie Talkie Rechargable 3 pack

With their fun round and small appearance and push-to-talk operation, these walkie talkies are a great choice. Portable and easy to use they are also 1.2m drop resistant. The improved version of Nestling walkie talkies provides clearer voice and stable signals, they will mute the background noise automatically. The VOX function helps to send your voice without pressing a button. They support 8 main channels with subchannels and they guarantee a 3-mile wireless communication (open airfield). They are ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.

This set of 3 is a great way to gets kids and their friends involved.

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Rechargeable Walkie Talkies For Kids

Qniglo Walkie Talkies

QNIGLO Rechargeable Kids Walkie-Talkies

Qniglo rechargeable kids walkie talkies support 24 hours talking and 5 days standby. They have a built-in FM radio, great to enjoy when you are running, biking, hiking, camping, or just enjoying outdoor adventures. The sound of the kid’s walkie talkies is clear and loud. They have up to 2 miles of communication distance in an unobstructed field.

The little features are so fun for kids on these walkie talkies. When pressing the PTT button, the eyes of the walkie talkie will flash a colourful light. We love the cute design and the fact they are wearable, they also come with a watch band and lanyard.

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Wishouse Walkie Talkies

Wishouse Kids Walkie Talkies

These long-range (up to 3km) walkie talkies for kids are the best gift for a family adventure camping together. We think these are great because they come with a charger and a pair of rechargeable 3*AA1000mAh batteries. (Hands up if you love not having to buy separate batteries!) They also have a helpful automatic power-saving feature that extends the battery life.

Crisp and smooth sound quality with an adjustable volume level. Channel scan/monitor for easily finding available channels. Wishouse kids walkie talkies are perfectly safe, they are made of environmentally friendly materials and they come with a built-in flashlight for playing at night.

The coloured lanyards that come with them are a nifty feature and make them harder to misplace!

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Qniglo Walkie Talkies

Qniglo Walkie Talkies

These walkie talkies come in a range of beautiful macaron colours. They have advanced crisp and clear voice technology, and enable children to talk from 3 miles so they are long-range. They have an ergonomically designed push to talk operation, so they fit perfectly into kids hands. Rechargeable via USB.

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Just note that because walkie talkies work by tuning in to the same frequency as another device, anyone who is in the range may also be able to join the channel your child is connected to. Make sure kids understand not to talk to strangers and show them how to turn it off or switch channels but most importantly to tell a parent or guardian, in the unlikely case that ever happens.

Walkie Talkie Games

Hide and Seek

Hide and SeekĀ 

What child doesn’t love a game of hide and seek? Improve this simple game easily with walkie talkies. Give your children walkie talkies so they can direct the seeker to where they are hiding with clues. This is fun to play in a forest or woodland setting.

To maximise safety make sure young children are supervised by adults and keep older children in pairs when playing.

Role-Playing Games

Children have the best imaginations. Walkie talkies can be a great way to make them feel adventurous! Maybe they are a secret agent, a lost explorer, or a police or rescue worker.

Scavenger Hunt

Take part in your normal scavenger hunts but split into teams and report to each other your progress and findings. Maybe there’s a prize at the end for the winning team?

We have an entire article on how to plan a woodland walk with kids and 12 printable activity cards which go hand in hand with walkie talkie scavenger hunt games.

Which walkie talkie would your children love the most? Let us know in the comments.

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