5 of the Best Walking Routes in Wirral

The Wirral Peninsula is a wonderful place for walking. Coastal routes, country parks, hill climbs, and rewarding views. We have picked 5 of the best walking routes in Wirral for you to enjoy!

The Wirral Peninsula’s rich culture and heritage can easily be explored on foot. You can wander through stunning countryside, stumble upon quaint villages, or truly escape along miles of the most beautiful beaches. You’ll have clear views of the Welsh shore on one side of you and Liverpool’s skyline on the other.

Here are 5 of the best walking routes in Wirral for you to enjoy.

Thurstaston Beach is a popular walking routes in Wirral
Walk down to Thurstaston Beach. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

1. Irby and Thurstaston

This Wirral walking route is 3.5 miles with the option to extend the route by a further 2 miles. One of our favourite places to explore in Wirral is Thurstaston, we are so grateful to live so close to a place where you can collect seashells or stones to paint as well as tadpoles to grow.

This Irby and Thurstaston walk is sure to completely de-stress you. Starting in Thurstaston, you are rewarded for the climb up Thurstaston Common with breath-taking views across to Wales.

Wirral Country Park offers various walking routes in Wirral
View from Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

Such a peaceful place to visit. Wander along the beach too if you can, it’s honestly like being on holiday!

Thurstaston Beach Wirral Walks
Thurstaston Beach. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

2. Park Gate and Gayton

Approximately 3 miles long. This Park Gate and Gayton Wirral walk is popular for its views across the Dee Estuary to North Wales. The town was once a busy port, but that’s now a faded memory leaving the beautiful parade behind. The silting of the river has left a rich marsh that provides a home to many rare species of birds and provides some of the best bird watching in the North West of England.

Park Gate promenade view is one of our favourite Wirral walks
Park Gate promenade view. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

There is nothing better than a walk to Park Gate for some seriously tasty and quite famous fish and chips or homemade ice-cream.

Park Gate
Stop for ice-cream. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

3. The North Wirral Coastal Park

The North Wirral Coastal Park follows the route of the coastline between Dove Point at Meols and the King’s Parade at New Brighton. It’s 4 miles in length and 200 acres in area, the park provides a wide variety of activities such as cycling, jogging, bird-watching, horse-riding or even just a log walk and a picnic!

Meols promenade is a scenic coastal Wirral walk.
Meols promenade. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are popular at Leasowe Bay and Wallasey Beach with ample and suitable car parking provided. At the heart of the park is the hauntingly beautiful Leasowe Lighthouse.

Bike Moreton
Quick drink stop at Moreton Shore. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

Finish in New Brighton, have a bite to eat, visit the arcades, or just wander along the beach under the lighthouse.

New Brighton Lighthouse
Brave the beach even in winter for this view! Photo by @shayleholliephotography

4. Royden Park to Frankby

A 4-mile walking route around the Wirral, Royden Park to Frankby is perfect for those who adore exploring different landscapes. Part of the trail goes through Royden Park. Roam through this grand forest to meadows buzzing with life and try to spot one of Wirral’s hidden treasures, Hilbark House. If you’re there on a Sunday why not take the little ones for a trip on the miniature railway at Royden Park.

Royden Park offers a beautiful forest walk in the Wirral
Wander through the forest at Royden Park. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

5. Eastham and Bromborough

This walk between Eastham and Bromborough combines two areas of real natural beauty in Wirral – Dibbinsdale Local Nature Reserve and Eastham Country Park. A slightly longer route than our previous picks but why not make a day of it? Take outdoor games and enjoy a picnic along the way.

Explore stunning woodland. Photo by @shayleholliephotography

Whichever route you choose at some point check out the view of Liverpool’s famous skyline from Wallasey or New Brighton you won’t be sorry.

Walking Guides and Wirral’s Circular Trail map are available on the Visit Wirral website. You can also download the Wirral Conservation Areas and Heritage trail walking, cycling, and driving routes on there too.

Liverpool Skyline
Image by Adrian Sava from Pixabay

Walking and exploring nature is a great way to still get outside and have fun. Let us know if you complete any of these Wirral walking routes in the comments below.

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