Best Wood for a Pizza Oven | What Wood Should You Use in a Pizza Oven?

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So you have bought a pizza oven, which is a great addition to any outside area. Now you’re probably wondering which is the best wood for a pizza oven, let us answer that for you!

The firewood you use is in the oven where your pizza is cooked so it’s really important to buy the best wood for a pizza oven. You need to avoid using anything that could release hazardous chemicals into your food, make it difficult to keep your temperature consistent or leave a soot and creosote buildup that can become a fire hazard.

Best wood for pizza ovens

The best wood for a pizza oven

The best type of wood for a pizza oven is seasoned hardwoods, and they have to be very dry. Perfect logs are logs such as oak, alder, maple, ash, beech, and birch. Oak is considered the safest, it is easy to find online and in local shops, and it is very hot burning in comparison to other woods. Hardwoods can weigh up to three times as much as softwoods, so they give off much more heat for the amount of them

If you want wood that is going to add flavour, fruitwoods are a great option and very popular. The most popular is probably apple because it burns really hot, and has a great aroma and flavour. (Other home chefs find that apple “pops” too much for smaller ovens and can leave ash on their pizzas.) Other flavours available are almond, cherry, hickory, pear, and pecan. A great advantage of fruitwoods is their fragrance.  If you choose to use softwood, ensure you properly cure and season it to reduce sap content. Also, removing the bark will help reduce the moisture and sap content.

Never burn laminated woods like plywood, pressure-treated woods, or anything painted or chemically treated or glued. You can use untreated pallets and construction lumber scraps for kindling to get your firewood going. If you aren’t sure if the wood has been treated chemically then do not use it. You do not want these toxins in the air or in your food.

Little Logs for Mini Pizza Ovens Oak Hardwood

Little Logs for Pizza Ovens (Oak Hardwood)

  • Oak little logs for mini pizza ovens.
  • 15cm long perfect for mini pizza ovens.
  • 100% British sustainable kiln-dried oak.
  • Supplied in a 3kg box.
  • Little logs boxes are 100% plastic-free, recyclable, and sustainably sourced
  • Ready to burn.
  • Kiln dried to under 10% moisture

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EcoBlaze Kiln Dried Birch

EcoBlaze kiln dried birch is the perfect wood for pizza ovens

  • Dried to under 20%
  • Ready to burn.
  • Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.
  • Burn with a bright flame and a high heat.
  • Typically 12 – 14 logs in each box, each log is 25cm long by 8 – 15cm in diameter.
  • Item weight: 7.57 kg

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Ash Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 30L Net

Hardwood logs for pizza oven 30L net

  • Ready to burn as these are kiln dried ash logs.
  • Each log is 25cm in length and normally a net will have a selection of sizes ranging from 4cm across to 14cm across the log. Ash is dense and lasts for longer in your fire compared to other wood.
  • The moisture content on the outside of the log will always be 18% or less, meaning they are ready to burn.
  • All our firewood logs are sourced from FSC sources. This means they are from sustainable forestry practices. Great for all types of fires.
  •  The nets are 30L and will hold between 8-12 logs. The volume of wood is always the same, the weight may be less because we produce these months ahead, as moisture further evaporates so does the weight. Dry wood emits fewer particulates in the smoke and is better for your chimney or flue system.

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Alfresco Chef Pure Wood Apple Pellets

Alfresco Chef Pure Wood Apple Pellets For Pizza Ovens

  • 10k Premium pure wood pellets for outdoor wood fired pizza ovens and pellet grills.
  • No fillers. Pair with beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, and baked goods!
  • Ideal for pellet grills and portable pizza ovens.
  • With no bark and less ash produced, they are designed to burn longer and hotter to achieve delicious outdoor cooking results.

This range of pellets are available in a variety of species to infuse your food with smoke flavour. (Oak, Maple, Apple, Cherry, Chestnut, Walnut, Acacia, Beech)

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Weber Apple Wood Chips For Pizza Ovens

Weber Apple Wood Chips For A Pizza Oven

  • 0.7kg re-sealable bag.
  • Aromatic cooking wood gives a delicate smoky flavour.
  • For the perfect flavour, soak the chips in water for at least 30 minutes before using them.
  • Apple wood chips give off a sweet, dense, and fruity taste.

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Bulk buy wood to use in your pizza oven

You can buy your pizza oven wood in larger quantities if you plan on cooking often. This birch hardwood kindling is the perfect wood for pizza ovens. You can buy it in 16kg boxes, shipped directly to your door.

Logs Online (12kg) Food Safe Kiln Dried Birch Mini Hardwood Kindling Logs (5 inch) for Portable Pizza Oven. Safe Fire Log for Burning & Cooking in Outdoor Wood Burner Stove
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR PIZZA OVEN: Our kindling Logs are ideal for your portable pizza oven and will fit perfectly with well known pizza oven brands. These logs are smaller than standards logs for the perfect pizza.
  • KILN DRIED: Kiln dried wood kindling ensures your fire burns much hotter for longer, meaning less fuel is required and limits the amount of storage space required
  • FOOD GRADE NO BARK FIREWOOD: High quality natural kindling, with no bark making it the perfect food safe firewood. Also for use with your fire pit, chiminea, & bbq. Ideal for burning in small places, camping & an outdoor fireplace.
  • EASY STORAGE: Comes in a cardboard box ideal for easy storage and convenient delivery.
  • LOGS ONLINE: Search for LogsOnline or visit our store to view our whole range of kiln dried logs, firelighters & wooden pellets to get your fire started with ease.

Let us know what wood you use in your pizza oven in the comments. You can also view our guide to the best wood to use on a firepit.

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