The Best Wood for Fire Pits | What are the Best Logs to Use on a Fire Pit?

Written by Shayle

When building a fire in your fire pit, you want, hot burning, long-lasting logs that light quickly. In this article, we explore some of the best wood for fire pits.

We’ve all been desperate for a last-minute fire and ended up using scrap wood that you have in the garden, this wood is defiantly not the best wood for fire pits. It may be a quick and easy option but you’re making it difficult for yourself to get a good clean burning fire going with this type of wood. You’re also likely to annoy your neighbours with a tonne of smoke!

Kiln-dried hardwood logs are the best wood for fire pits or a chiminea. Hardwood logs burn for a substantial amount of time because of the density of the wood species. Kiln-dried logs are a better choice than seasoned ones because they supply a clean burn with minimal smoking as the amount of moisture in the wood has been effectively reduced during the kiln drying process.

Best Wood For Fire Pits

We have listed the best wood for firepits below, we have based this on burn time, heat output, seasoning time, and availability.

Hickory: This is one of the hottest burning hardwoods it is famous and therefore pretty easy to find, seasons quickly, smells great when burning, and burns for a long time.

Ash: A quick seasoning wood, it burns very hot and is simple to work with especially if you are prepping your own wood for fire pit use. White ash is a very common option for firewood.

Beech: Actually quite similar to ash in terms of heat and burning length. Slow to season due to the high moisture content in the wood.  Also, beech can be difficult to split and challenging to light at times.

Oak: This extremely dense hardwood burns hot and for a long time, however, it can be a challenge to light.  White oak is a common option for fire pit firewood.

Getting started lighting your fire pit

For the perfectly lit fire pit, you should build your fire pit slowly, in the following stages.

  1. A eco-friendly, sustainable fire lighter or tinder wood
  2. Add softwood kindling
  3. Add hardwood logs

Did you know? – You can buy a fire pit wood starter kit, including fire lighters, kindling and hardwood logs. It includes everything you will need to start and maintain a healthy fire in your fire pit. Learn more about this starter kit here.

What are the best fire lighters to use on my fire pit?

We recommend Ecoblaze Natural Firelighters for quickly and safely lighting your fire pit.

These firelighters light up instantly and maintain a steady burn for as long as 8 minutes, allowing you to add kindling and create a hassle-free fire without any intricate techniques.

They are crafted from sustainable spruce strips and coated in wax to enhance combustion efficiency, these fire starters are a greener choice. Produced in the UK, they boast a significantly lower environmental impact compared to conventional firelighters.

Simply light them with a match and stack your kindling on top to start building your fire.

Ecoblaze Natural 200 Firelighters ​​- Fire Lighters for BBQ, Pizza Oven, Fire Pits - Wood Wool Fire Starters - Perfect for Garden Life & Camping, Safe, Clean Wax Coated Instant Firestarter
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  • Outdoor Adventures Companion - Going for a spring trip or on a summer holiday in the countryside? Don't forget to pack our firelighters. They are made to make camping adventures more delightful, providing quick and hassle-free fire whenever you need it.

What is tinder wood?

Tinder wood is a type of dry, easily ignitable material used to start fires, particularly in more natural outdoor settings, like woodland campfires. It’s the first stage in building a fire and serves to catch a spark or flame.

Tinder wood is typically used by forest school practitioners and survival experts, when read made eco-fire lighters (mentioned above) are not preferred or readily available.

There are several materials that can be used as tinder wood:

  1. Dry Leaves: Dead leaves, especially those that have dried out, can catch fire easily and burn quickly. They’re readily available in most environments.
  2. Birch Bark: Birch bark contains oils that make it highly flammable, even when wet. It can be peeled off in thin sheets and used effectively as tinder.
  3. Cotton Balls or Cotton Pads: Ordinary cotton balls or cosmetic cotton pads can be fluffed up to increase their surface area and make them great for catching sparks.
  4. Char Cloth: Char cloth is fabric that has been partially burned in a low-oxygen environment. It catches a spark easily and can be used to ignite other tinder.
  5. Dry Grass: Similar to leaves, dry grass can be easily ignited and used as tinder. Just ensure it’s really dry, as damp grass might be harder to catch fire.
  6. Fire Starter Sticks: These are commercially available fire starters made of compressed sawdust, paraffin wax, or other flammable materials.
  7. Cattail Fluff: The fluffy seeds of cattail plants can be used as tinder, especially in the late summer and fall when they’re abundant.
  8. Pine Needles: Dry pine needles can ignite quickly due to their resin content, making them effective as tinder.
  9. Shredded Paper: Paper, especially if shredded, can be a good source of tinder. However, be cautious about using colored paper, as some inks might release toxic fumes.
  10. Dried Fungus: Certain types of fungus, like chaga or tinder fungus, can be used as tinder due to their fibrous and flammable nature.

Remember, the key to successful fire starting is to have a combination of different types of tinder, ranging from fine and easily ignitable materials to slightly larger pieces that can catch the initial spark and sustain a flame long enough to ignite your kindling and fuel wood. It’s also important to consider the weather conditions and choose appropriate tinder based on how damp or dry the environment is.

If you are going to create a natural fire using tinder wood rather than fire lighters, you will also need a fire steel to create the spark that will ignite your tinder wood and start your fire.

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Toasting marshmallows on a fire pit

What is the best wood for fire pit kindling?

Softwoods are better as kindling as they burn quickly.  Cedarwood is a fantastic wood for kindling as it burns quickly with a lot of heat! If you are able, see what’s on your property and start collecting a dry kindling stock. Cut any uncoated softwoods into small strips, about 10cm long and 2-3 cm thick. We recommend EcoBlaze kiln-dried kindling which you can buy online and comes in a handy storage box.

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  • Less Than 20% Moisture - Accredited as Ready to Burn, this ultra-dry kindling means no more struggling to get your fire going. Say goodbye to smoky starts and hello to a cleaner, hotter burn.
  • Sustainable Packaging - Hand-packed with care in sustainable packaging, you can feel good about your purchase. The portable box is easy to store and transport, wherever your fires take you.

Kiln-dried hardwood logs for fire pits

Kiln-dried logs are cut to different sizes and are available in a variety of lengths. We have chosen a few that are suitable for most standard-sized home fire pits and medium to large-sized chimineas.  These all have low moisture content, which makes lighting your fire pit or chiminea so much easier compared to using regular seasoned logs. They are all hardwood species so these logs are sure to provide you with a longer burn. So sit back and relax and enjoy some quality time around your fire pit.

These logs are 25cm long, they have a below 20% average moisture content and are perfect for open fire stoves, log burner, fire pits, pizza ovens. These delivered in netted bags.

Hardwood Firewood Kiln Dried Logs 40L 23cm long, Perfect for Open Fire Stoves, Log Burner, Fire Pits, Pizza Ovens Fast Delivery
  • KILN DRIED CHUNKY HARDWOOD LOGS- Dry and ready to burn - below 20% average moisture content
  • 25 CM LONG - 23cm / 9" approx length - Firewood suitable for most wood burners, stoves , burner and fire pits
  • LARGE 40 LITRE NETS - Tightly Packed Nets - in secure packaging to arrive dry on your doorstep

Logpile Ready to burn kiln dried birch logs are a great choice and are available in several sized bags. They have a very low moisture content of 20% which helps avoid condensation in their bag. They are suitable open fire stoves, log burner, fire pits, pizza ovens.

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  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: like us, you want to do the right thing for the environment - rest assured that all our fire logs are from sustainable sources & from as close to home as possible

EcoBlaze boxed kiln dried firewood supplies 25cm hardwood logs with a low moisture content under 20%. They come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, and you get typically 12 – 14 logs in each box. Again they are great for fireplaces, stoves, log burners, open fires, campfires, pizza ovens, and more.

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  • Kiln Dried For Quality - Each log is meticulously kiln dried to ensure it's ready to burn right away, delivering efficient heat and a delightful ambience whenever you need it - whether you're relishing a gentle, sunny evening in your garden or camping with your family.

20kg Fire Pit Fire Starter Kit

Best wood for fire pit starter kit

Your complete starter kit for lighting up your fire pit. Consisting of kiln dried hardwood logs, extra-dry kiln dried kindling, 100% natural handcrafted firelighters, and extra-long safety matches. These logs are tailored to fit your fire pit to perfection, this incredibly straightforward fire pit ignition kit will have your fire pit ablaze in no time.

These logs are certified ‘Ready to Burn’ in accordance with the UK’s Clean Air Strategy. You’ll experience a cleaner and more efficient burn that’s kinder to your burner, delivering heat to you swiftly.

You will receive your fire pit ignition kit precisely when you require it. Deliveries are guaranteed next-day and arrive in sturdy packaging. Meticulously hand-packed in Hampshire, UK, and brought straight to your doorstep.

20kg Fire Pit Fire Starter Kit: Kiln Dried Logs, Kiln Dried Kindling, Natural Firelighters, Safety Matches, Get Your Fire Started, Sustainably Sourced Firewood, Ideal Logs for Wood Burner, Log Burner
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Hardwood logs for fire pits

What not to burn in your fire pit

If you want to gather around a fire pit with friends, family, or a loved one in the garden, there are things such as different fuels that you should avoid using on your fire. Not only will your fire well let’s just say…be rubbish, but it can also be potentially harmful to you and the surrounding environment too.

  • Poorly seasoned firewood will produce a lot of smoke which can be harmful if inhaled.
  • Treated wood (painted, laminated, creosote soaked, pressure, or chemically treated wood) should not be put on a back garden fire again these can produce harmful smoke.
  • Put rubbish in the bin, not onto your fire! Keep your fire pit or chiminea clean.
  • Lighter fluid or any other accelerant. For a small garden fire, these are just not needed and can be a safety hazard as these can make your fire get out of hand quickly, you can create an easily manageable fire with kindling and firefighters.

How to light the perfect fire

You will need; Firelighters, kindling, and logs. Read this article to learn how to light a fire pit safely.

  • Put a firelighter in the centre of your fire pit if you want to make a larger fire then use two. Place a couple of bits of kindling on either side of the firelighter.
  • Abit like Jenga! Stack two more bits of kindling, make sure that they are in the opposite direction to the first two, on top. make sure to leave a gap in the centre of the stack.
  • Next make a third layer of kindling, stacked in the alternate direction to your previous two, continue on if you feel like your fire pit needs it. If you only placed one firelighter in the centre of your stack at the start, you might want to place another one at a different point in your kindling stack.
  • It’s time to light your firelighters, make sure that you start with the furthest ones away from you first. Allow the fire to start on kindling. Next, carefully place a log on top of the kindling stack once you are happy that there is a stable flame.
  • Allow the log to take the flame and begin burning properly before you add any further logs to the fire.
  • Finally, add more logs to the fire as needed.
Lighting kindling in a fire pit safely

We hope this helps you when choosing wood for your fire pit. Let us know if you love getting cosy around a fire pit too in the comments, we certainly do!

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