Forest Schools

Forest Schools are a growing educational trend across the world, focusing on providing an immersive and exploratory nature-based learning experience.

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Forest schools hold regular sessions in outdoor settings and support inquisitive play, exploration and risk-taking in natural environments. They don’t always take place in forests; wide open and safe spaces are used as long as the environment the children are learning and playing in is as natural as possible. Forest schools are similar to Guides or Scouts, though children are encouraged to find their own feet in their natural surroundings instead of being led or directed. An overwhelming physical and mental health surge echoes through schools across the UK. As a result, primary schools are getting children outside, encouraging them to play and exercise, and educating younger children on the environment, sustainability, and their impact. Though some formal primary schools have their forest school sections, there are also forest schools that are run by themselves, with adult leaders who have trained to run their activities. Here you can learn more about Forest Schools and all they can offer you and your children.

Outdoor classroom ideas

Outdoor Classroom Ideas | How to Create an Outdoor Classroom

If you want to expand your classroom beyond the standard four walls, then we have got you covered with these outdoor classroom ideas. Here’s how to create your outdoor classroom. Are you a teacher who is looking to adapt and make use of your outdoor space at school? Or maybe you’re a parent, grandparent, or …

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Beach School.

What are Beach Schools? Beach Schools Benefits and Training

Beach schools give children the opportunity to appreciate many aspects of beaches and the coast which they may not have thought about or even experienced at all. We discuss what beach schools are, their benefits and training. Beach schools follow the same ethos as forest schools; you can learn more about the benefits of forest …

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Forest School Training All You Need to Know, Levels 1, 2 & 3

Forest School Training all You Need to Know | Levels 1, 2 & 3

Forest school activities are run through a specific ethos that people are trained in. Those trained in this ethos are called forest school leaders. We discuss forest school training and how you can become a forest school leader. Some leaders go on to create their own forest school company to lend their services to schools …

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Forest School Birthday Parties

Forest School Birthday Parties, Outdoor Birthday Party Inspiration

Why not host your own forest school birthday party? Follow our how-to guide and transform your back garden or local space into an outdoor birthday party they will never forget. It’s no secret that children thrive outdoors, so if your child has a birthday coming up why not save the expense of hiring a venue …

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Forest School What Is It?

Forest School, Education Through Nature

Forest School is becoming more popular, but many people need to be aware of the many wonders of Forest School and how much they can do for their children and themselves. So let us answer all your questions about Forest School. A Forest School is a long-term outdoor activity host. You can attend a Forest …

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Den building kits and ideas

Den building kits and ideas, how to build a den outside

Building an outdoor den is one of the most simple but fun things to do with your children. This article looks at some den building kits and outdoor den ideas for you to try with your kids. It’s so natural to want to build a den as a child. Your kids have probably used anything …

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Forest School Activities to do at Home

Forest School Activities to do at Home With Your Kids

Have you been looking for ways to teach your kids more about the natural world? There’s so much to try, whether that be learning about different species or discovering new ways to take better care of the world around us. Here is a selection of forest school activities you can do at home with your …

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Forest School Clothing and Equipment

Forest School Clothing, Waterproofs and Equipment Guide

Essential Forest School Clothing for kids. Forest school sessions are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. Ensuring that your child wears the correct clothing, waterproofs and footwear for Forest Schools is essential. So you’re probably thinking about what to dress your child in for forest school and what equipment they will need to take with …

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GROW-Wellbeing Family Forest Workshop Review

GROW-Wellbeing Wirral | Family Forest Workshop Review

We recently took part in a family forest workshop with GROW-Wellbeing in Wirral. We had lots of fun exploring their woodland area, making crafts, and of course, toasting marshmallows! Here’s what we thought… GROW-Wellbeing is based in Wirral and Merseyside. GROW-Wellbeing C.I.C. is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers creative, personally affirmative opportunities for children, young …

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Forest Schools in Wirral

Wirral Forest Schools | Where to do Forest Schools in Wirral

Forest schools are becoming increasingly popular but a lot of people aren’t aware of the many forest schools in their area and just how much they can do for their children. Here we look at some of the forest schools available in Wirral… Lots of schools hold their own forest schools, outdoor learning sessions, or …

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