Pond Dipping

A Guide To Pond Dipping, All You Need To Know About Pond Dipping

If you look underneath the water even in the smallest of ponds or streams there is an entire world of wildlife just waiting to be discovered. We’ve got all you need to know in our guide to pond dipping. Anyone can take part in pond dipping, it’s simple and doesn’t cost much at all. This … Read more

Nature Books To Inspire Kids To Get Outside

10 Nature Books To Inspire Kids To Get Outside And Explore

With screentime adding up, childhood now is a lot less free and adventurous as we would like it to be. So kids don’t miss out on the bursts of creativity and imagination that come with outdoor adventure, we have chosen 10 nature books to get kids outside and exploring. We have chosen books that brim … Read more

Forest School Nurseries

The Best Forest School Nurseries Across The UK

There are plenty of forest school settings throughout the UK, and some of those run as forest school nurseries. These forest school nurseries are a bit different from the standard daycare or educational nursery, as they are run by qualified forest school leaders who also have a background in childcare and child education. Forest schools … Read more

Make A Bug Hotel in Your Garden

Make A Bug Hotel in Your Garden | How And Why You Should Build A Bug Hotel

A hideaway can be hard for bugs to find in certain gardens. Bug hotels are a great way to use up odd scrap materials you might have. Why not recycle and give creepy crawlies a safe home? Here’s how to make a bug hotel in your garden and why you should. Not only are bug … Read more

Forest School Training Level 3

Forest School Training Level 3

Level 3 forest school training is what many consider the final stage of training before you can run your own forest school sessions. It’s the most expensive of the three levels and takes the longest to complete. Level 3 training is specifically designed to help candidates qualify to become a forest school leader/practitioner. These forest … Read more

Beach Schools

What are Beach Schools? Beach Schools Benefits and Training

Beach Schools give children the opportunity to appreciate many aspects of beaches and the coast which they may not have thought about or even experienced at all. We discuss what Beach Schools are, how they benefit children and how you can become a Beach School Leader. Beach Schools follow the same ethos as Forest Schools, … Read more

Children's Gardening Sets

Children’s Gardening Sets | 5 of the Best Gardening Kits for Kids

We have chosen 5 of the best children’s gardening sets to get kids excited about gardening and help them enjoy time outdoors. If your child loves spending time in the garden or you want them to spend more time outdoors, try a children’s gardening set. We can’t stress enough just how good being outdoors is … Read more