Mental Health Benefits Of Being Outdoors

Mental Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Most of us experience a true sense of calm that comes with spending time outdoors. Whether that be at the beach, forest, woodland or even just sitting in the back garden. We explain the mental health benefits of being outdoors and discuss tips and ideas you can try. There are many mental health benefits of … Read more

Forest School Training All You Need to Know, Levels 1, 2 & 3

Forest School Training all you Need to Know, Levels 1, 2 & 3

Forest school activities are run through a specific ethos that people are trained in. Those trained in this ethos are called forest school leaders. We discuss forest school training and how you can become a forest school leader. Some leaders go on to create their own forest school company to lend their services to schools … Read more

Forest School What Is It?

Forest School, What is it? Benefits and Activities Involved in Forest School Learning

What are forest schools and where are they used? Forest schools are becoming more popular but a lot of people aren’t aware of the many wonders of forest schools and just how much they can do for their children. Let us answer all your questions about forest schools! A child who grows up around nature … Read more