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Getting outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer is our passion. Here we honestly review outdoor products and suggest products we love so you can enjoy them too.

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What is the Best Dryrobe Alternative?

What is the Best Dryrobe Alternative?

A dry robe is a must-have coat perfect for all seasons if you love to get outdoors, swim, participate in water sports, or stay warm, dry, and cosy. However, they can be pricey! So here are the best Dryrobe alternatives you can buy. After dipping in the sea or participating in water sports, nothing is …

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Paddle Board Kayak Hybrids

4 of the Best Paddle Board Kayak Hybrids for You to Try

Here are 4 of the best paddle board kayak hybrids to try. Perfect when you need to remain stable on your paddle board, you’re just a beginner getting started, or you like the benefits of both a kayak and a paddle board. You can sit, kneel, lie down or even try a handstand on a …

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11 Of The Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

Best Walkie Talkies for Kids, Our Top Picks

Do you have an adventurous kid who loves to play hide and seek? We certainly do, and we have found that everything gets much more exciting when walkie talkies are involved. So we have picked out 10 of the best children’s walkie talkies below. Walkie talkies are great fun and allow your kids to talk …

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Best Telescopes Under £100

8 of the Best Telescopes Under £100

A good telescope is something you will use over and over again. However, when you’re a beginner, a telescope needs to be simple and provide a fantastic night sky view. Here are 8 of the best telescopes under £100. Telescopes can be confusing and even pretty intimidating, so to help you avoid buying a super …

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Outdoor Fire Pit

7 of the Best Fire Pits for Decking

You can transform your garden by simply adding a fire pit. They are a great addition to decking areas to gather around with family. Here are 7 fire pits for decking for you to consider. Fire pits made from metal or cast iron with legs to keep them away from the floor are great options …

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Best Slackline Kits

Best Slackline Kits for Outdoor Fun, Your Guide to Slacklining

Learning how to slackline isn’t actually as difficult as it looks! It’s a fantastic way to get outdoors and physically active. Here are 5 of the best slackline kits to get you started. Slacklining is a wonderful way for people of all ages to improve their balancing skills and build strength and confidence. Where to …

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Best waterproof backpacks

Waterproof Backpacks for Kayaking, Paddleboarding and Canoeing

Taking up Kayaking, Paddleboarding or Canoeing? A waterproof backpack is a really useful item to add to your gear list. Here we look at a selection of the best waterproof backpacks. From a relaxed paddle around a lake to a couple of days adventure, waterproof backpacks are a convenient and colourful way to stay organized …

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Best Patio Gas Fire Pits

Best Patio Gas Fire Pits and Fire Tables for Your Garden

It’s time to make as much use of our gardens as we can! We have chosen some of the best patio gas fire pits and fire tables for you to consider for your garden or outside space. You might be tempted to write off your garden until warmer weather however with a patio gas fire …

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Heavy Duty Litter Pickers

5 of the Best Heavy Duty Litter Pickers

Here are 5 of the best heavy duty litter pickers for you to consider. Litter Picking can be an incredibly mindful activity, it gets you outdoors, moving and focused on a task. Plus you’re helping the environment! Have we convinced you to give it a go? Litter is a huge problem, it covers our parks …

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BBQ Huts and Cabins for Your Garden

Ever stayed in or seen a BBQ hut on your travels? Ever thought about buying one yourself? We stayed in one recently and loved it! Here we discuss BBQ huts and cabins for your garden. The BBQ hut as we know it originates in Lapland and in Finnish is named a Grillikota. They are usually …

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