Hidden Beaches in Yorkshire | Secluded Beaches Along the Yorkshire Coast 

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There are a few hidden beaches in Yorkshire that the locals like to keep for themselves. In this article, we explore some secluded beaches along the Yorkshire coast for you to explore.

Away from the crowds, there’s peace, quiet, and tranquillity along the secluded beaches of the Yorkshire coast. Enjoy a family picnic on a sunny day in one of the many hidden beaches in Yorkshire.

Our top recommendation is to ask locals where they tend to spend time. Every town and village has its favourite spots and local residents have let us know about their favourite hidden beaches in Yorkshire.

Saltwick Bay Hidden Beach In Yorkshire

Our favourite hidden beach in Yorkshire

Secluded beaches in Yorkshire don’t come much better than Saltwick Bay. Tucked away in the neighbouring cove, Saltwick Bay is a short walk across the beach from Tate Hill Sands in Whitby, just off the harbour, but only at low tide.

The easy way to access the beach is to walk up the 199 steps, past the Whitby Abbey (folks wishing for a shorter walk can park here for a small fee). Continue along the Cleveland Way behind Whitby Brewery across the headland – at this point at low tide, you can see the MV Creteblock wreck and possibly, at very low tide, the wreck of the SS Rohilla.

A Solar Surprise

During June and July, there is a unique phenomenon that takes place here at Saltwick Bay. The sun rises and sets into the sea. It’s possible to witness this cosmic novelty in two places; along the West Cliff in Whitby and at Saltwick Bay.

Whitby Sunset

The other place that bears witness to this magical occurrence is Cromer in Norfolk.

Secluded Yorkshire beaches at Runswick & Robin Hood’s Bay

There are two other bays worth a mention when it comes to hidden Yorkshire beaches; Runswick Bay and Robin Hood’s Bay. Both have award-winning beaches and are relatively quiet outside of peak hours. Best for big dog walks and fossil hunting. One has been voted Britain’s best beach for 2020, the other has a long history of smuggling, sailors tales, and piracy.

Runswick Bay Yorkshire Beach

Runswick Bay, Britains Best Beach?

Runswick Bay beach was voted the best beach in Britain for 2020. This hidden Yorkshire beach is nine miles north of Whitby. There are no restrictions on dogs here at Runswick Bay making it a fantastic place to take your four-legged friend for a long walk by the sea along this stunning secluded Yorkshire coast beach.

The long stretch of sand means you can let loose the leash your dog can stretch legs, fetch sticks and splash about in the bracing North Sea. The village of Runswick Bay curls up like a Cheshire Cat, perched under the cliffs, at the far end of the beach makes for a picture postcard setting. The old fashioned seaside charm of this secluded Yorkshire coast beach is perhaps why it was voted the best beach in Britain for 2020.

Parking in the village is limited though pay and display is possible nearby. There’s lots of nature and wildlife to be enjoyed, the Cleveland Way extends up over the cliffs and for the adrenaline seekers, there are water sports too.

Last but not least, there’s plenty of ammonites and belemnites here on Runswick Bay beach. A fossil hunter’s paradise!

Robin Hood's Bay Hidden Beach In Yorkshire

Robin Hood’s Bay Beach

We’ve already spoken about Britains best beach, so that must mean that Robin Hood’s Bay is a place of folklore, legend and smuggling. And, so it is. No one really knows where the name for Robin Hood’s Bay originates but it has little to do with the lovable rogue from Sherwood Forest that took from the rich to give to the poor.

All we do know is that there are as many local tales about the Bay, as residents call it, as there are beautiful cobbled back alleys and Fisherman’s cottages. The secluded beach down at Robin Hood’s Bay has been named one of the Top 25 in the world. Let that sink in. You can drive from your home in the UK to one of the finest beaches on the entire planet. Amazing, right?

This hidden Yorkshire beach is so highly prized because it’s so scenic. The backdrop of the Bay makes this modest stretch of sand a very special place to paddle in the North Sea. If that wasn’t enough, this secluded Yorkshire coast beach is dog friendly with no restrictions any time of year on the exercise of our furry friends.

Robin Hood’s Bay beach is also known for its abundance of fossilised remains. Ammonites and belemnites are discovered here by the dozen. Happy hunting!

Upgang Whitby beach

Upgang Whitby beach

Of the 100 miles of Yorkshire coast beaches that bridge the gaps between land and sea, Upgang beach at Whitby is a hidden gem. This little known spot is a haven for surfers and is popular with local anglers. Access to this off the beaten track beach via steep steps next to the Whitby Golf Course. It’s a precarious path down to the sand so be sure to take special care when climbing down.

This stretch of the Yorkshire coast beach is sand mixed with shingle, quiet, and is popular with dog walkers since there are no restrictions on hounds throughout the year. Perfect for a moment of peaceful solitude in the tranquillity of the sea breeze. Choose this beach for a quiet beach experience.

Hidden Yorkshire Beach at Filey

Secluded Yorkshire beach at Filey

It seems that there is no end of awards for the beaches along the Yorkshire coast. Filey beach is among the ranks of prize-winning beaches in Yorkshire – the 2018 best British beach award from the Sunday Times. Filey has a long stretch of soft, golden sand along a picture-perfect promenade, making it a top choice for beach lovers.

At the end of the beach is Filey Brigg, from which the cliffs at Robin Hood’s Bay can be seen. This long, low headland juts out into Filey Bay and makes for a bracing walk, affording views of the chalk cliffs at Bempton and Flamborough.


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