Kearui Kids Walkie Talkies Review

Written by Shayle Follows

We took our adventurous kid who loves to play hide and seek out on an adventure with a pair of Kearui walkie talkies! Here’s our review, exactly what we thought of them.

Walkie talkies are lots of fun and allow your kids to play games, talk to each other from all over the house, around the garden, or around a campsite when camping. There are lots of different types of walkie talkies for kids and we have picked out some of the best here. We have thoroughly tried and tested the Kearui walkie talkies, here’s our review of them.

Kearui Kids Walkie Talkie Review

My little boy was given these walkie talkies as a Christmas gift from his Grandad. Since then we’ve been testing them around the house all Winter but it was finally warm enough this weekend to spend a long time outdoors and play with them in the forest! At first glance, we love these colourful walkie talkies.

Bright blue and green are my child’s favourite colours so these were an obvious choice for him however they are available in a variety of colours that your kids will love.

Walkie Talkies Kearui Review

They are easy to hold, carry and are very durable

The small and light body allows kids to use them easily, weighing just 90g per walkie talkie they are really light. This makes them easy to carry. They fit comfortably in children’s hands due to their ergonomic design. They have a handy clip on the back to attach them to clothing or bags too which is a nice feature. We found these really durable even after a few drops, they can easily handle the occasional bump or fall.

Kearui Children's Walkie Talkie Review

Easy to use

The Kearui kids walkie talkies are really easy to use and have an uncomplicated push-to-talk button, my son picked up how to use them really quickly and needed very little assistance, he’s four years old. He loved the ‘call’ button feature which rings the other walkie talkie to get their attention.

Kearui Walkie Talkie Review


These walkie talkies boast up to 3 miles long transmitting range and we can confirm we went pretty far without them disconnecting! They are a perfect first walkie talkie for a child as the speakers are great and you can hear very clearly what is being said.

Kearui Kids Walkie Talkies Are Great For Small Children

Built-in flashlight

The built-in flashlight is a nifty little feature that my child finds really exciting on walks home especially with the dark early nights. I’ve caught him turning the light off in his room and playing ‘adventures’ with it a few times too!

Kearui Walkie Talkie at Night

Kearui kids walkie talkie review

These walkie talkies for kids are great value for money, they are well built and easy to use. They offer a range of features which will keep your little ones entertained. We are very happy with this purchase and would recommend them to help get your kids outside and enjoying the outdoors.

You can buy these Kearui walkie talkies on Amazon.

Just note that because walkie talkies work by tuning in to the same frequency as another device, anyone who is in range may also be able to join the channel your child is connected to. Make sure kids understand not to talk to strangers and show them how to turn it off or switch channels but most importantly to tell a parent or guardian, in the unlikely case that ever happens.

We really love using these Kearui walkie talkies, they are a great first walkie talkie for kids and definitely great value for money too! Let us know if you and your kids use walkie talkies in the comments.


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