How To Keep Your Outside Space Looking Beautiful While You’re On Holiday

Written by Thomas

We all deserve to go on holiday now and again. However, if you’re a keen gardener, taking a holiday can mean extra stress. We explore several ways you can keep your outside space looking beautiful while you enjoy that well-deserved break.

After a couple of days away, your batteries will be recharged, stress levels will be reduced, motivation will be restored, and creativity will be boosted, among many other benefits.

However, for those with a green thumb, going out of town for a couple of days can prove difficult – after all, who will look after your outside space and preserve all your hard work while you’re away? Whether it’s a garden, patio, or balcony, you want to ensure your homecoming is heightened by a thriving and inviting outdoor area, and fortunately, you can help with proper preparation!

From enlisting the services of local landscape gardeners and holding off on mowing to mulching around plants and using an automated irrigation system, we explore several ways you can keep your outside space looking beautiful while you’re away.

Landscape Gardeners

Enlist The Services Of Local Landscape Gardeners

While your first thought might be to ask your friends or family to tend to your outside space while you’re away, they might not have the time or relevant gardening/plant knowledge needed to look after your oasis. So, how do you ensure that your outdoor space gets the dedication and care it deserves while you’re away? Enlist the services of local landscape gardeners near you!

Sometimes working alongside a fellow gardener is more straightforward than trying to provide friends and family with the knowledge needed to look after your garden. Since they’ll already understand what your garden may need while you’re away, and you can give them instructions to follow if there’s anything they’re unsure of or if you want them to carry out specific tasks.

You can find reputable, local landscape gardeners near you using online directories like, which allows you to post jobs and matches you to the professional that best fits the role. From pictures of past work to recent customer reviews, consider using their site the next time you’re looking for out-of-town garden care.

Potted Plants

Group Containers In The Shade

Before you go away, double-check the weather forecast. If it’s going to be pleasant, sunny weather, then you might want to plan ahead and group all your plants, trimmings, etc, in pots or containers in a shady garden area. Since potted plants can’t escape the sunshine, they are more prone to drying out in warmer weather, so placing them in the shade is the best way to preserve them.

Not only will grouping them refrain them from drying out, but they will form a little microclimate where they will all work together to create a humidifying atmosphere. It would also be best to thoroughly water them before you leave, as this will ensure that they have enough moisture to keep them healthy while you’re away.

On the other hand, if the weather predicts rainfall, group your containers away from your house, as the walls can end up sheltering your pots from much-needed water sources. Plus, the bricks can retain and project more heat onto them during warmer weather, which will only cause them to lose moisture quicker.

Don't mow the grass

Refrain From Mowing Before You Leave

Nothing screams unkept more than overgrown grass, which is an impression no gardening-lover wants their outdoor oasis to give off. While the first thing you might think to do before heading out of town for the weekend is to drag the mower out of the garage, try your hardest to refrain from using it, as a long lawn can tolerate dry conditions for much longer than a freshly mown one.

Instead, saturate your lawn deeply with water before you leave, as this will encourage the growth of thick, new grass and ensure that it stays healthy for the few days you’re gone. Unbeknownst to many, it is a gardening myth that lawns need frequent watering to keep alive, so don’t spend your time fretting that you’ll come home to a barren-looking yard!

Plus, before you’re due to be home, if you’re that worried about coming home to a jungle after a relaxing weekend away, you could always ask a friend, family member, or neighbour if they would be so kind as to run the mower around your lawn. Providing that you promise to return the favour sometime, we can’t imagine that they’d say no!

Picking vegetables in garden

Pick Veg’ And Dead Head Before You Go

Another task to complete before you go out of town is to pick any ready vegetables and remove any spent flowers from your outdoor plants. Doing so will ensure that no fruits or vegetables prematurely turn into seeds and prevent more energy from being transferred into seed development if pollinated.

Yet, if you’re planning on going away for a long weekend, this might be a task to ask your friends, family, or neighbours to keep an eye on so that your fruits/vegetables are harvested, and the crop is extended. Plus, the longer you’re away, the more dead-heading you’ll have to do, so it’s wise to ask someone to keep on top of it.


The above four strategies will help maintain the beauty of your outdoor space while you’re away. Firstly, hiring local landscape gardeners ensures professional care and instructions for your garden and grouping potted plants in a shady area creates a humid environment and prevents drying out. Avoid the temptation to mow the lawn before leaving, as longer grass withstands dry conditions better. Lastly, harvest ripe vegetables and remove spent flowers to prevent premature seed development. Asking someone to check on the garden while you’re away is recommended. These tips will help preserve your outdoor space and ensure its thriving appearance upon your return.

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