Tutorial | Twig Christmas Trees! A Simple Christmas Activity for Kids

Written by Shayle

We love the unique ways that nature can be used to make Christmas Crafts! We have made Christmas trees from twigs this year and we love the way they have turned out. Here’s our tutorial for you to make twig Christmas trees, a simple Christmas activity for kids.

It’s Winter. It’s getting colder and more rainy each day! So a really fun way to use nature and bring the outdoors indoors is with crafts. There is something that is just so rewarding about crafting with natural materials such as twigs. It’s a great way to get children outdoors during this time of year and connecting with nature too.

Twig Christmas Tree Decoration

These twig Christmas trees are really easy to make, they make beautiful, unique decorations that would be a really thoughtful gift for family members or friends. You can make your twig Christmas trees in lots of different sizes and decorate them with all sorts of different things you can find. We’ve decorated our twig Christmas trees with wooden stars and string, however, you can make them as glittery, colourful, and bright as you like. You could also use beads, pom-poms, glitter, buttons, ribbons, and anything else you find interesting to decorate them. We love this Christmas craft for kids because it gives you a chance to use up all those little odd bits you’ve saved in the craft cupboard over the year.

Twig Christmas Trees

You will need:

  • Glue, ideally a hot glue gun.
  • Twigs, make sure they a thoroughly dried out after a wintery walk.
  • String.
  • And finally your choice of decorations!
Twig Christmas Trees Step One

Step One

Place your twigs into a tree shape/triangle by breaking twigs and using the glue gun to fix them together. You will need two long side pieces, one shorter crosspiece, and a small one to make a little trunk.

We found using a hot glue gun the most effective way to make this craft.

Twig Christmas Tree Craft

Don’t worry if they don’t look ‘perfect’ this will add to their natural and unique charm!

Step Two Twig Christmas Tree

Step Two

Cut a long length of coloured string and tie or glue one end onto your tree. Then begin to wrap the string around the tree over and over again going from side to side and working your way up and down.

Step Two Christmas Tree Twig Craft

Create an unusual netting pattern as you go. When you have built the middle bit up, tie or glue the loose end of the string to the tree. This is a great activity for developing children’s fine motor skills.

Step Three Christmas Tree Twig Craft

Step Three

Step three is the fun bit…decoration! Decorate your tree in any way you like. Glue directly onto the string. You can use mini pom-poms, bits of tinsel, wooden stars, buttons, beads, or anything else you want to!

Step Three Christmas Tree Twig

Now your twig Christmas tree craft is ready for you to enjoy! Loop a piece of string and glue/tie it to the top of your twig tree to hang it proudly on display on your Christmas tree. You could even glue them to a Christmas card.

Twig Christmas Tree Craft

It doesn’t matter how you choose to decorate your twig Christmas trees as long as you’re having fun collecting the twigs and making them into decorations. This is a really engaging activity to do with children of varying ages. We loved making them so much. Why not try this out this Christmas?

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