France, of course, features the famous landmarks of Paris and glitzy ski resorts, but it also has the most serene countryside and peaceful beaches. So, whether you want to marvel at world-class art and architecture, enjoy exquisite French cuisine or take to a few water sports - it's all just waiting to be explored!

Explore France

France entices visitors from all over the world with unparalleled attractions and exciting outdoor activities. Explore lush forests on the lookout for Wildlife. For water lovers, there are canals to paddle down and rivers for kayaking. At the same time, rock climbers will relish the challenging peaks. Explore France's outstanding beaches, which range from naturalist-friendly to family-orientated. Admire the snow-capped Alps and give skiing a go. You can enjoy delicious cuisine, including irresistible sauces and cheeses, in charming cafés. Then, head off to a historic chateau; whatever you choose to do while visiting, we can help you prepare to make unforgettable memories while visiting this magnificent country.

La Carabasse pool

Discover La Carabasse

La Carabasse holiday park is the perfect choice for a family holiday. With gorgeous pools, slides, entertainment and a family-friendly atmosphere, all minutes from the beach. Let’s discover La Carabasse.  If you’re seeking a holiday that caters to the entire family’s requirements, then La Carabasse is the perfect destination. This 4-star holiday park in the …

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Vias Plage

Vias Plage, The Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean Coast

With its unique location on France’s sun-drenched Mediterranean coast, Vias Plage has some of the warmest water, sheltered beaches, warm golden sands and best accessibility of all the beaches in the South of France. Only a stone’s throw from La Carabasse and other holiday parks such as Camping Le Club Farret, Camping Le Napoléon and …

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