Knowsley Safari Park or West Midland Safari Park, which is better?

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The opportunity to witness lions, tigers, rhinos, and elephants in their natural habitats is a dream requiring excessive money and a lot of luck! We have some fantastic safari parks in the UK to explore instead, so here we discuss Knowsley Safari Park or West Midland Safari Park; which is better?

Fortunately, without having to board a plane, you can experience a safari much closer to home by visiting one of the fantastic safari parks that exist right here in the UK.

Knowsley Safari Park or West Midlands Safari Park, which is better?

We’ve often been asked, Knowsley Safari Park or West Midland Safari Park, which is better? We decided to compare them for you in an article.

Knowsley Safari Park or West Midland Safari Park, which is better?

Tiger Trail at Knowsley Safari Park.
Exploring the Amur Tiger Trail at Knowsley Safari Park

Firstly, let’s take a look at Knowsley Safari Park. Located in Merseyside, this safari park is home to over 700 animals. They have a 5-mile safari drive through, the longest in the UK, and home to everything from cheeky baboons to a magnificent lion pride. The drive takes about an hour to complete, and the best bit is you can go around as many times as you want! Knowsley also has a Foot Safari where you can explore walking trails through the Amur Tiger Trail, woodlands, animal habitats, play areas and animal displays to keep your little ones entertained all day. It’s all included in one admission price, so there’s no need for a separate ticket!

West Midland Safari Park.
Giraffe feeding at West Midland Safari Park

On the other hand, West Midland Safari Park is situated in Worcestershire and is home to over 165 species of exotic animals. It also boasts a drive-through safari, where visitors can see giraffes, elephants, and cheetahs. Included in the entry price, you can explore their Reptile World, Penguin Cove, Aquarium, Red Panda Retreat, Twilight Cave, take advantage of the Sea Lion Show, and so much more! For a blast from the past, wander through the Land of the Living Dinosaurs. And remember to stop by the African Village to see the incredible hippos. For the little ones, Boj’s Giggly Park is a playground of fun and excitement. Both parks also feature amusement rides for an extra cost.

How do the prices for each safari park compare?

Elephants at West Midlands Safari Park.
Elephants at West Midland Safari Park.

Knowsley Safari Park is considerably cheaper than West Midland Safari Park, with a weekday entry of £12.50 and £15 for a weekend entry. On the day, West Midland Safari Park prices start from £29; however, you can pre-book online for prices starting from £19.

Which safari park offers better food and drink options?

Food at Burger Co. West Midland Safari Park.
Food at Burger Co. West Midland Safari Park

Both parks offer various dining options for visitors. West Midland Safari Park has multiple eateries, including the Dino Diner, where you can enjoy many food options, such as pizza, pasta and traditional fish and chips. Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available. There is also Burger Co. for those who love a delicious burger. The Lost City Food Court and The Adventure Food Court offer a variety of meals and some great deals. Positioned across the park are some refreshments kiosks providing hot and cold drinks, ice creams, iced slush drinks and other fun hot food offers.

Knowsley Safari Park also offers a range of dining options. The Oasis Restaurant has a menu full of wholesome dishes such as chilli con carne, pasta bolognese with rosemary focaccia, jacket potatoes with an array of fillings and much more. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. For something lighter, the outdoor food court on the foot safari serves up lovely pizzas and loaded fries. There is also a cafe for a hot drink and a slice of cake.

West Midland Safari Park, location and parking

To get to West Midland Safari Park, head to the area between Kidderminster and Bewdley. From Birmingham, take the main Hagley Road to the Quinton Expressway and follow signs for Safari Park through Hagley and Blakedown, then on to Kidderminster and Bewdley via A456. 

If you’re travelling from the South, take the M5 North, leave at exit 6, follow A449 to Kidderminster and take A456 to Bewdley.

There is a large car park, and parking is free.

Location: Spring Grove, Bewdley DY12 1LF

Knowsley Safari Park, location and parking

Located in Prescot, Merseyside. The safari park is just off the M57, less than 30 minutes from Liverpool, and 45 minutes from Manchester. There is a large car park with free parking.

Location: Prescot L34 4AN

Regarding location, both parks have good transport links and ample parking facilities. However, Knowsley Safari Park is closer to major cities such as Liverpool and Manchester.

Do I need a car to visit Knowsley Safari Park or West Midland Safari Park?

Safari Drive Through Knowsley.
Knowsley drive through safari.

Although most people visit by car to enjoy the Safari at Knowsley Safari Park, it’s not necessary, as there are excellent transport links nearby. You can even walk to the safari park from Prescot town centre. During weekends and most days throughout school holidays and half terms, you can book the baboon bus to take you through the safari drive-through. At West Midland Safari Park, if you don’t have your own car, you can book a Guided Minibus Tour. 

Conservation at the two safari parks

Rhino Safari Drive Through.

West Midland Safari and Knowsley Safari Park have initiatives to protect and preserve wildlife; West Midland Safari is known for its conservation breeding programs. These programs focus on breeding endangered species to release them back into the wild. Knowsley Safari Park strongly emphasises education and raising awareness about conservation issues. Both approaches are essential and contribute to the overall goal of protecting wildlife for future generations.

Knowsley Safari Park or West Midland Safari Park, which is better?

West Midland Safari Park’s Land of the Living Dinosaurs area is fantastic!

Deciding which park is better ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both parks offer an unforgettable experience, but some differences may sway your decision. For example, Knowsley Safari Park has a larger collection of animals, whereas West Midland Safari Park offers a broader range of attractions and experiences. You can be more hands-on at The West Midland Safari Park and feed many animals. However, for a more reasonable price for a day out, especially if you are in a group, Knowsley Safari Park may be more cost-effective.

Photo op at Knowsley Safari Park.

Both Knowsley Safari Park and West Midland Safari Park offer a fantastic day out for animal lovers and families. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what you want from your visit. If you wish to see a wide range of animals or experience thrilling attractions, both parks have something to offer. So pack a picnic and make a day of it!

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