5 of the Best Safari Parks in the UK

Koalas, lions, tigers, and giraffes, oh my! We simply love visiting a Safari Park. Here are 5 of the best safari parks in the UK for you to visit. We have visited all 5 and they do not disappoint.

We love to witness wildlife running freely and learn about them. There is nothing worse than visiting a safari park that feels like the animals aren’t cared for and the facilities are not that great. To avoid disappointment here are 5 safari parks in the UK we highly recommend you visit.

West Midland Safari Park is one of the best safari parks in the UK

1. Longleat Safari Park

I hope I’m not the only person who grew up racing home from school to watch Animal Park. As a child, I longed to visit Longleat Safari Park, as an adult when I finally got the chance to go it did not disappoint! I’ve visited it countless times since and in my opinion, it’s the best UK safari park. Here you will go on an adventure to discover various species of animals from all over the world including lions, tigers, wolves, koalas, porcupines and even sea lions.

A lion at Longleat Safari Park

First of all, it’s great value for money. Ticket prices do change depending on the date you plan to visit, they are usually around £35 per adult and £27 per child. Your ticket isn’t just for the safari park though, it also includes, walk through and on foot animal attractions such as; Koala Creek, Jungle Cruise and Family Farmyard. Your ticket also includes Main Square attractions including Adventure Castle, Rockin’ Rhino, Jungle Cruise and the Hedge Maze. If that was not enough…Longleat grounds, gardens and special seasonal events across the park are included too.

They also offer VIP experiences which are wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and are designed to give you the best behind-the-scenes access and interaction with their wildlife. They are perfect if you’re celebrating something special or just a great treat for yourself. You can book tickets here.

A Red Panda at Longleat Safari Park


Longleat Safari Park supports a number of conservation projects based all over the world and locally too. They share their expertise, raise awareness and fund vital fieldwork. In Asia, they work to support red pandas and other wildlife that share their habitat. In Australia, they work to support the southern koala and assist with bushfire recovery. In Africa, they support a wide range of species but all are coordinated through their conservation partner TUSK.

Click here to find out more about field conservation projects, breeding programmes and research Longleat Safari Park support.

2. West Midland Safari Park

Ever fancied feeding a Giraffe? Well, you can do just that at West Midland Safari Park, as well as many other animals. This is probably one of the most hands-on safari parks we have ever visited and certainly one of the best safari parks in the UK.

West Midland Safari Park

The safari will take you on an adventure through African Plains, Wild Asia, Carnivores, The Borderlands and finally elephants. You will spot southern white rhino, giraffe, zebra, prized Ankole cattle, ellipsen waterbuck, Congo buffalo, swamp-loving red lechwe, eland, armoured Indian rhino, lions, tigers, cheetahs, African painted dogs and many more species.

This safari park is also fantastic value for money costing roughly £25 per adult and £20 per child, these prices are subject to change throughout the year. Admission only tickets include, the safari, Red Panda Retreat, Ice Age, Land of the Living Dinosaurs, Boj’s Giggly Park, Lorikeet Landing, the Sea Lion Show, Reptile World, Penguin Cove, African Village, Hippo Lakes, Aquarium, Creepy Crawlies, Twilight Cave, Meerkat Mayhem, Lemur Woods, daily feeds, talks and animal encounters. You can buy wristbands for the rides separately. You can book tickets here.

Conservation Siberian Tiger


West Midland Safari Park supports research projects from an annually revised internal priority projects list. They collaborate on projects that are initiated by external researchers from endangered species breeding programmes, other parks, national and international conservation bodies and universities.

Click here to find out more about field conservation projects, breeding programmes and research West Midlands Safari Park support.

3. Knowsley Safari Park

Fancy a trip to the UK’s longest safari drive through? It’s at Knowsley Safari Park and is a five miles stretch. So rain or shine you’re likely to get a great glimpse of the park’s wildlife. The safari drive through is set out in different zones and you receive a free map and stickers to mark the animals you see along the way. This is a fantastic learning exercise for kids. You’ll spot rhinos, wildebeest, forest buffalo, lions, wolves, camels, and many more species.

Knowsley Safari Park

Day tickets also include a wander around their foot safari, here you can enjoy sea lion displays, a tiger trail, play areas, amusement rides, and many more animals. You can also take the family out on a rowing boat on Mizzy Lake or on a woodland walk through their Wild Trail. There is so much for the family to do here. You can book tickets here.

Knowsley Safari Park Conservation


The team at Knowsley Safari Park are very passionate about conservation. They have their own conservation team who develop conservation partnerships, highlight conservation programs for guests to learn about and maintain conservation goals. They raise awareness within local and global communities.

Click here to find out more about field conservation projects, breeding programmes and research Knowsley Safari Park support.

4. Woburn Safari Park

Featuring a road safari and a foot safari Woburn Safari Park is a brilliant choice for a fun and educational day out. This is an expansive wild animal park which is the home to over 80 species of animals living in 360 acres of parkland. The road safari takes 60-90 minutes and guides you through beautiful parkland where you can witness animals running freely.

Woburn Safari Park

We love that you can repeat the drive through safari as many times as you like, each time you go around you will have a totally different experience! You will finish up at the foot safari where you can wander amongst smaller animals, watch keeper talks and explore the leisure area. You can book tickets here.

Woburn Safari Park Conservation


Woburn Safari Park are on a mission to help to protect the long term future of many vulnerable animal species. They make a direct contribution to in-situ and ex-situ conservation projects. They raise funds for animal charities, educate visitors and raise awareness of conservation issues and involvement in endangered animal breeding programmes.

Click here to find out more about field conservation projects, breeding programmes and research Woburn Safari Park support.

5. Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park is the home to over 300 animals and you can visit them all on foot too. The park features raised viewing platforms that means you can get up close and personal with giraffes, lions and tigers. For those who prefer the smaller animals though there is a lovely pets corner. On the safari, you will get to see rhinos, antelope, camels and the majestic lion pride all from the comfort of your own car.

Blair Drummond Safari Park

There is so much more to do at this park when you finish your safari. There is a prehistoric forest for you to explore and walk among life size dinosaurs, a sea lion show, keeper talks, chimps on their own private island, a giant play fort, pirate ship, rope swings and a sandpit, the adventure play park is a fantastic way for kids to run off their energy. You can book tickets here.

Blair Drummond Safari Park Conservation


This is one of the UK’s leading zoos and they care for the animals welfare here to an exceptional standard. They collaborate with other zoos and charities with a mission to help educate people and work together to preserve some of the world’s most endangered species. They support conservation projects all over the world.

Click here to find out more about field conservation projects, breeding programmes and research Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park support.

These are our top 5 picks as the best safari parks in the UK. Safari parks are a great way to please the entire family and enjoy a day out making memories together while learning about the precious animals and wildlife on planet earth. We love to make a weekend adventure and travel to try different ones. Let us know your favourite UK safari park in the comments.

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